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Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Concert - Radcliffe

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
The Grange, Radcliffe, Nottingham
Saturday 5th October 2019

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra


Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Town Hall, Newark
Saturday 30th November 2019

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Articles on this Site

If you browse the site you can find a range of articles covering all sorts of issues pertaining to the conducting and rehearsing of ensembles of all types.

The contents are my own thoughts and practices which may or may not be suitable for others to use.

I would not presume to preach to anyone about how things should be done, however some conductors may find some useful ideas here. If you would like to have a further explanation of any of the articles, an update, or a discussion, feel free to contact me through the website.

Me and the big sax

I have had enquiries as to the possibilities of publishing the articles in Winds and other publications. I am happy for this to happen as they are in the public domain on the site.

I must stress that the articles are the on going thoughts of a working conductor and are subject to constant modification and evolution.

There is an article containing the Conductor\'s Diary for 2006 as well as a few about each ensemble.

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