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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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5th September 2006

Yes we are coming down to Harrogate in a couple of weeks. We\'ll be in touch to arrange a small libation of some sort!

Dunc and Phil

Keiron says:
I look forward to it!

Just Saying Hi

2nd September 2006


Phil and Dunc fae Scotland

Keiron says:
Hi guys. Hope you are both ok and working hard. Schools go back Monday here. Are you coming down to Harrogate?

and a glass of rose

31st August 2006

wow.a messgae from gerry. we are in awe... hi from the house of yorkshire! busy enjoying the end of the summer holidays- are there any clari/trombone chairs gathering dust in YWO? willing to travel... ttfn see you in september, Lucy Lindsay and Dave Xx

Lucy, Lindsay and Dave

Keiron says:
I am sure that there will always be a place for enthusiastic musical people such as yourselves.

Surprise, Surprise!

22nd August 2006

I\'ve known Keiron for yonks, but we don\'t keep in touch so much now that I\'ve had to stop playing the flute (Dupytrens, unfortunately). We\'ve had a very good run with the YWO (I\'m the co-founder) and it\'s wonderful to see how at long last Keiron\'s extraordinary musical talents are being properly recognised. Thanks for the unexpected phone call and Good on Yer!

Gerry White

Keiron says:
Always nice to hear from you. hope your hand gets better soon.


7th August 2006

Thanks for a great week! It was fun and the concert was great! The standard that we achieved was amazing! I will try my utmost to bring more percussionists!

CJ \"Mr Timpani-man\"

Keiron says:
You did very well, very good xylophone playing-keep practising!


7th August 2006

Thanks for a great week at St Andrews. Loved the concert. Loved Radio Days.

From your gnus

your gnus

Keiron says:
Come back next year!!

Thanks for a great week in Italy

5th August 2006

Hi Keiron,

Just to say thanks for a great week in Italy. You really brought out the best in us over an incredibly short time. Looking forward to getting back to work on more great stuff in September!

Nicola (NSWO)

Keiron says:
Thanks to you and your team of organisers. NYWES has now been and gone and the first Fringe Concert starts in 30 minutes.

Your amazing a level class

17th July 2006

Yo mr A! You should get some info about ur amazing a level students on this website as we are obviously the most important people u have to deal with and the most important job you have to do! Happy Gnuing!

Sadie, Eleanor, Seth and Sarah

Keiron says:
Who? Oh yes I remember Gnu!

Radio Days

12th July 2006

Hi Keiron, just thought i\'d congratulate you on the Premiere of the Radio Days Suite on 1st July. It\'s a fabulous piece, witty, lyrical musical themes and very skillfully orchestrated for wind band. It was great fun to play and not too challenging technically allowing the band to focus more on the musical content and selling it to the audience. Friends at the concert were extremely impressed and i hope NSW did justice to your latest creation! What\'s next - do you have any other gems hiding in Sibelius awaiting a premiere?

Rob (Clar- NSW)

Keiron says:
I\'m planning a new work in November after I have orchestrated the show I have just finished the compositions for. I will keep NSWO in mind for it and thanks for the kind words.

Brian Duguid

7th July 2006

There will be a memorial concert for Brian on Sunday 5th November in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

Duncan Maynes

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