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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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12th October 2009

Re: your article, the concert was hard work but great fun to do. Concerts like that demonstrate to me the true thrill of playing in a very experienced and competant ensemble, and whilst some pieces didnt come as we would have hoped, we all agreed over a well earned pint that \"Closure\" worked very well indeed, and was some of our finest playing of the evening. Lets not forget though, even us muso\'s are fickle souls, and for music to be played well, it has to be good music. I think Closure means something to all of us and it is a very fine piece indeed. Looking forward to the remainder of our season with you Keiron, things are only going to get better.


Rich Walker

Ilkley Concert

12th October 2009

Hi Keiron, it was a pleasure to play at IGS last night. As you said, it was in many ways an extremely difficult environment, but it\'s such a pleasure to be involved with players who give their absolute all to the music, and can play so well regardless of accoustic. Your comments were really heartwarming, especially when we all realise how much of that musicality comes directly from your musical direction of the group. Hope the audience enjoyed it and a decent amount of money was raised for the charity.

Edward Knowles


24th September 2009

we all love u at ilkley grammar

ben glover


24th September 2009

Being the culprit who was 6 inches away from liz\'s ears, I can only apologise profusely. Great concert tho.

Rich Walker

YWO at Saltaire

15th September 2009

Thank you so much for another fantastic concert with YWO. You\'ve managed to get this orchestra to perform to an incredible standard in concerts time after time, despite lack of rehearsals, and concert venues that all have their unique problems, and a trumpet player that can\'t concentrate!! It never ceases to amaze me how you manage to get this band to overcome some pretty big problems with venues, with relatively little negative impact on the overall sound. From a personal point of view this was by far the hardest venue for me. I don\'t know what it was like for other players but where we were was an extreme of some sections playing directly into your ears from 6 inches away, and not being able to hear the other side of the band at all, specially horns. It was a nightmare. Thankfully I know I can trust you absolutely and that makes a big difference to still being able to maintain confidence. You manage to pull the best out of this band at every concert, regardless of how difficult the players are finding it. That\'s quite a skill.

I do however need to apologise for being completely unable to count 21 bars rest at the end of the concert, specially given I\'ve done it in both concerts, in the same piece, with the same 21 bars rest, and came in at the same wrong place!!! Sorry!

Liz xx

Liz Varley

Keiron says:
The YWO has one tremendous skill and that is to follow a conductor that they trust brilliantly. It is therefore a bit much for me to claim to be the reason for their success. I\'m a factor though!

NSWO Concerts

17th July 2009

Well done,yet again Maestro.
Your leadership and musical skills bring the best out of your orchestras. Bravo. See you next season.

Paul Tombs

End of another year

17th July 2009

Since I joined NSWO (about a hundred years ago) it\'s just got better and better every year. It\'s hard to imagine, given the standard we\'ve now reached, that will continue next year - but I somehow know you will make sure it does. Looking forward to the challlenges and rewards it will no doubt bring.

Nicola, NSWO

Keiron says:
I will, for my part, continue to push for further improvement. The group will need to buy into this! I\'m certain we can push forward.

hi from spain

28th April 2009

just would like to say hi to everyone at YWO and Pheonix, weather unlike England is extremly hot here in Spain, i might even get a tan lol, good luck with the rest of the year and hopefully audiences will grow

Nicky Dick

Keiron says:
A tan? Steady!

YSC Recording

22nd April 2009

I\'d also like to mirror Molly\'s comments. I thought you were great throughout the whole of the weekend.

It was always going to be a difficult session, with a combination of technical problems, under-rehearsed material, and sometimes a lack of uniformity to our approach to the styling of each work. However, your expertise, and the respect that you were given by all members, meant that you managed to get us to produce results far and above my expectations for the weekend.

Your ability to motivate everyone even at the point when we (and probably you too) were exhausted was a key factor in keeping us going right to the end.

Although there were quite a few dodgy moments, I\'m looking forward to hearing the edited results!

So, well done, and thanks for all your support and encouragement throughout the weekend.

Martin Little

Keiron says:
Thank you Martin, you played very well throughout the session and your group has a resiliance that will surely see them succeed.

YSC recording

21st April 2009

Thanks so much for all your hard workwith the Yorkshire Sax Choir last weekend. You were truly inspirational to get such results from us in such a short space of time. You kept us calm and relaxed, yet used the time so economically, while bringing our performance up to another level, far beyond our expectations. Even if someone had forgotten to press the \'record\' button and the whole session had been lost (hopefully not!) the whole experience was still inspirational and has transformed our approach to playing together.

Molly Anderson

Keiron says:
I was filled with respect for the work ethic, cooperation, tolerance and determination.

Well done to all!

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