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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Re. Keeping up the momentum

8th April 2009


Foenix Phiddlers

29th January 2009

Your guestbook seems to have a bit of a Phoenix bias at the moment. Hopefully that\'s evidence of the buzz around the band at the moment.

Just to let you know that our first ceilidh social on Saturday was a huge success. The hall was absolutely heaving with members of the band and their friends and family, leaving barely any room to dance. Everybody mingled and joined in and the atmosphere was wonderful. A few of us swopped our wind instruments for the dreaded fiddles and mandolin and formed a scratch ceilidh band for the evening, demonstrating what a versatile lot we musicians can be. Lots of laughter, great food, great company and a wonderful way to kick off the new year. Judging by the comments at the end I suspect this will be the first of many such events.

I\'ve got a theory that if people enjoy each other\'s company then that increases the commitment of everybody to each other and can add another dimension to the quality of the band\'s performance. Saturday night showed how far we have come in terms of building a great team spirit at Phoenix and bodes well for the new year. It also disproves the theory that being a musician and having two left feet are not necessarily mutually exclusive!

Hilary Pattison

Keiron says:
It can only be good for the group and what\'s good for the group, is great for me.

Foenic phantastix

22nd January 2009

David Cockburn

Happy New Year

6th January 2009

All the best for 2009!

We are looking forward to another exciting year with NSWO with recordings and promise of some great concerts. Let\'s hope the M1 is kind to you...

Nicola, NSWO

Keiron says:
M1 apart, it should be great. I find the January blues can only be beaten by getting enthusiastic over the new projects so let\'s go for it!

slight amendments!

18th December 2008

Just like to make a slight amendment to my post \"Inspirational Concerts\". Having been fooled all through the day of the concert into thinking it was saturday, it seems my brain is still being fooled. Just in case anyone else is confused the concert was actually friday and not saturday!

Now I\'m here I\'d just like to say well said Brian, and I\'ll drink a toast to that too,

Cheers x

Liz Varley


17th December 2008



Keiron says:
Hi to you as well. A man of few words!


Harlequin Brass And Y.W.O

16th December 2008

Don\'t want to jump on Liz\'s band wagon but I would like to congratulate Keiron and all the relevant organizers for all their efforts during the last 12 months . The trials and tribulations that have occurred have been sublime to the ridiculous and a personal favourite of mine was the trip to holland.The group performed to its true potential and consistency which we all aspire to. I know I havn\'t been as available to the Y.W.O as I would have liked but I am committed 100% to the cause of playing great music with one hell of a great guy who stands in the middle, who inspires and directs music in ways we wouldn\'t have dreamt.
a toast to all the groups for christmas and the new year and our association with our maestro, keiron

brian winter

Keiron says:
Since meeting you whilst conducting in Rothwell we have played and performed together. We worked with the Yorkshire Youth Wind Orchestra, Harlequin, YWO and you\'ve performed with me at NSWO. I know you have had to miss the odd one but you are still very much part of my musical landscape. Well done Brian!

Inspirational concerts

15th December 2008

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and effort you\'ve put into all the ensembles, but for me particularly Phoenix. You\'ve spent all year giving so much in enthusiasm, encouragement, knowledge, passion, sweat and laughter. You\'ve endured some serious frustrations at times that many others would have let spill into the rehearsals. And the pay off? Well what can I say, saturday\'s concert was amazing. The band\'s standard was so much higher than I\'ve ever heard it. There are too many things to mention, but one in particular that took my breath away was a passage played by the saxes. I thought only one was playing, but looked up to find it was the whole section. It was a magical moment hearing Phoenix sax section, huge as it is, sound like just one instrument!

Almost all the players have grown as musicians in so many ways this year it\'s been incredible to watch, and really heart warming to see people achieve a standard they didn\'t think they could. I\'ve had many conversations recently with players who are astounded by the ability you\'ve managed to tease out of them, and would like to say thank you on their behalf too. There\'s a real buzz around the band at the moment, and going by the conversations I\'ve had it\'s entirely down to the inspiration and enthusiasm you\'ve instilled in the players. You really have fired them up and I\'m not surprised they gave you a truely inspirational concert on saturday in return. I feel really excited about the new year for Phoenix, and so do many, many more of us.

Happy Christmas x

Liz Varley

Keiron says:
I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this post. I too feel that 2009 will be a good year for my groups. Merry Christmas Liz!

Illness, YWO and the playday

6th November 2008

I agree with Lucy, you were the true pro on Saturday, no one would have known you were feeling under the weather, well done. YWO were great, even the last movement of Dreamscapes rocked (in a good way!!). Glad Lucy was at ours on Sunday morning, she may say that she loves a crisis but any crisis is much more manageable with your friends around you. See you Sunday.
P.S. It\'s been said already but well done Amanda and John for making the playday so successful.



5th November 2008

I had a great day on Saturday, I hope the event is repeated some time, Amanda and John did a great job. And I loved the concert, shame you weren\'t 100%, it\'s hard to enjoy when you\'re ill however good it is. Well done for getting through it. Was good that Ali was available Sunday morning (and not ignoring his phone at 7.15am!) we played through pretty much everything (including Sleigh Ride and Troika- yay!) and also rehearsed some stuff for Kidsophonic. Anyway, hope you\'re better now. See you on Sunday. I can\'t believe there\'s no YWO until January now- boo. Lx


Keiron says:
Music is one of those businesses where you just have to get the job done and not show any sign of your suffering. The adrenalin factor works during the work but afterwards it can result in sheer exhaustion. I appreciated your efforts to contact Ali and his efforts on Sunday. I feel more human now and am back at work. I am glad people miss YWO when it is not running. The group played extremely well on Saturday. It was mature, musical and authorative. Onwards and upwards.

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