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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Dealing with prickly situations!

25th June 2008

A typical musician! When the going gets tough stick your head up your arse and hope it all goes away :o)

Amanda (non musician)

Keiron says:
Now Amanda do you really expect me to put your \"typical musician\" thing on the site? Remember the song \"When the going gets tough the tough...............\" Phone a friend!
Oh I did put it on the site.

Let\'s see if we get some feedback.


World premier

23rd June 2008


Keiron says:
I was glad that you came to hear the concert. I know that the group appreciate the support and play all the better for it. I wanted the piece to be intriguing and worthy of more than a single listen. Harlequin Dances uses simple ostinati and thematic development to drive home the point, making it more of an impact piece; which programmes need.

It is heartening to know that you enjoyed it all.


NSWO Derby Cathedral

10th June 2008

Photos are now on my web site

Paul Tombs


19th May 2008


Keiron says:
I am a \"vampire\" for enthusiasm and commitment. I work best under those circumstances. What I cannot do is function well when I\'m tired after a long day and a long journey only to find that people have not shown up. Empty chairs are my pet hate that\'s when all my energy is cancelled out.

It\'s my own fault because I have put up with it in the past. NSWO do not put up with it and so the players who remain have the commitment to be ready to play at 9.30am every Sunday morning. You don\'t get that by being soft and flexible all the time.

NSWO Concert : Langar

6th May 2008

Added the photos to my site.


Keiron says:
I\'ve had a look and they are really good. There was not a lot of light and most of it behind the subject. Well done!

Guest Conductor NSWO at St. Andrew\'s Church

6th May 2008

Say hello to Eduard Oertle, enjoy your time, company and music, have a memorable event (without getting hernia in the eardrum).

Michael Schulz, Albstadt, Unter der

Keiron says:
Thanks, Eduard was excellent!

Phoenix Band Concert

6th May 2008

Hi Keiron, as a new member of the flute section, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the rehearsals and I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the concert on Sunday. I think we certainly entertained the audience and I think your compairing was excellent! Thank you for putting in so much effort at rehearsals, it is a pleasure to attend and I have learnt so much, it is very much appreciated.

Jo Lewis

Keiron says:
Keep coming and playing so well!

Reaching out to new audiences

6th May 2008

Hi Keiron,

I think it\'s fair to say that everybody involved with the Phoenix \'Last Night of the Proms\' concert in Armley last night had a wonderful evening. The locals clearly enjoyed themselves and the band felt greatly appreciated, both in terms of the audience reaction and the wonderful hospitality we were shown.

It made me reflect on the way home about how sometimes bands and orchestras can operate in a relatively small sphere. It was a great experience to reach out to a wider audience who perhaps came to the concert with slightly different expectations and responses.

The St George iced biscuits were also a great touch!

Hilary Pattison

Keiron says:
The band is improving and developing. Onwards and upwards!

Your compairing at concerts

14th April 2008

Could you please tell the Brass section the jokes before the audience as we can\'t hear you and get paranoid that everyone is laughing at us!!


Keiron says:
No conductor in his right mind laughs at the brass section. Well, not BEFORE they play anyway. You were sensational on Sunday and your little daughter is beautiful!

NSW workshop

19th February 2008

Hi Kieron

We discussed the workshop at the NWE planning meeting on Sunday and thought we\'d like to tell you about the positive feedback from the NWE players. Many of them felt they had useful input from the tutors (which I hope we\'d expected), but several people also expressed how valuable they\'d found the sessions you conducted in the afternoon. So we felt we should pass this feedback on! Thanks for all your hard work on the day, and let\'s hope we have the opportunity to do it again.

Sandra Kingston

Keiron says:
I\'m delighted that the day was useful and inspiring for everyone but even more happy that you all enjoyed it after me being so grumpy in Italy. The NWE is on the way up!

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