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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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This year.

20th July 2007


Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

17th July 2007

Keiron, thank you for all the time and effort you have given to the YWO over the last 12 years! Working together over the last 7 months has been great and the YWO have improved immensely!Thank you and have a nice break - see you soon.

Amanda & John

Keiron says:
I doubt if anything I\'ve done for the YWO quite matches your regenaration of the organisation. All the best to you both!


17th July 2007

Sorry to hear you had a horrible trip back from Nottingham last night! I know I speak for all the NSWO players when I say we appreciate you making the trip as often as you do. Thanks for a very constructive year - I thought the results of everyone\'s hard work were evident in the concert. See you in September!


Keiron says:
The orchestra were very focussed and determined to play well. I felt that the audience was enjoying the whole event and that it was worth the journey. My eyes looked like I had a huge hangover the next day but I hadn\'t even had a glass of wine. There must be a lesson there!

yorkshire floods

1st July 2007

A concert for this in aid of this tragic event that effected over 200 people on my estate (Winn Gardens. as seen on nationwide tv) would be a truly wonderful idea.I feel releived yet guilty that my house was not flooded when so many others were .brian

brian winter

Keiron says:
I am relieved that you and your family are ok. We should have a good think about how to help. We need not be too hurried about it as these families may need help before Christmas! Cheers Brian

Yorkshire Floods

29th June 2007

A fundraising concert sounds like a great idea. Down my street there\'s people gutting their houses; personal posessions still soggy in skips. I am so lucky. It\'d be good to do something proactive to help.


Keiron says:
In a big venue a lot of money could be raised and people can be reminded of the hardship caused.

Yorkshire Floods

27th June 2007

Great idea to do a concert to raise funds for people perhaps with ywo connections.Keiron you must have read my mind!!With best wishes and keep dry in the park.

Steven Ford


17th June 2007

Hi just listened to the recording of Closure - it might just be me but I think it has a definite October-ness about it. Got to be a better comparison that the Incredibles!!
P.S. It WILL stop raining before tomorrow night.....won\'t it?


Keiron says:
So- I shouldn\'t call it Incredibles 2?

Chris Houlding Message on the YWO Website

27th May 2007

Hi Keiron
Hoping you are well.Nice Message from Chris Houlding in your messages on the YWO website. He has great respect for the YWO. See you soon.

Steve Ford (Bass Trombone YWO)


21st May 2007

Hi Keiron. I enjoyed both concerts this week. Radcliffe and Ranmoor were very different experiences with very different challenges but both rewarding in their own way. Also, your comments about the IGS kids leaving reminded me of when it was me (can\'t believe that was seven years ago!)I couldn\'t help wondering if I was a Gnu then?! Or if I am now for that matter, I don\'t really know what it means!! Or perhaps the word Gnu wasn\'t even in your vocabulary then... Have a good couple of weeks, see you in June.


Keiron says:
It\'s not old but it\'s not gnu I think it started at Ingleboro\' about 5 years ago and just caught on. A few months ago the girl at the kennels refered to Toby the dog as a \"gnu\" and I had never spoken to her before that day!

I don\'t know where she picked it up but it can only be good gnus!

Have a great holiday!


19th May 2007

Hi Mr.A! Fab site! You play happy birthday very well! Thanks! Libby x


Keiron says:
Thank you! I am about to email you the photographs. Please keep in touch Libby, all the best.

Mr A

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