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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Concert in Germany

12th May 2007

Hi Keiron,
let me tell you that it was much fun and a great pleasure having you with us at the concert last Sunday. We appreciate your work which was certainly an essential contribution to the success of the performance.
If you happen to coming up with an idea of a common project with one of your bands in England, we\'d really be looking forward to meeting you again and doing some good music together.
Thank you for the 20% extra!!
Prost -Danke - Auf Wiedersehen!
Yvonne and your friends of the Thanheim wind orchestra


Keiron says:
It was fun, and we discovered a new way to stop young flute players from going flat!!

We should work on a joint venture. Enjoy your music,


Concert in Germany with <Mk~Thanheim> wind orchestra

8th May 2007

Hello Keiron,
normally a tuba player is almost the last one in the orchestra. Even my english is horrible (sorry), i take the chance and write the first comment to your work with us.
First i\'ll enter into the particulars of your mentioned 20%-effort. I think it was a consequence of:
- your nearness to the musicians (you seem to be a friend, although you are almost a stranger for us) .
- your emotional and precise direction that is gently dosed and take the musicians by heart and sole.
- the respect to an \"new\" man and guest which culminates in higher concentration and strict transposition of your hints.
At the end of these mini-analysis i\'ll say: \"thank you for the music\" - that it was a lot of fun to make music with you: for me, for the whole orchestra and also for the audience.
Perhaps you\'ll take a look to my ensembles: <, and>
I regret that there was no more time in your narrow timetable for more common activities. I hope that there is a further occasion to make music together (maybe also with one of your orchestras/ensembles), to talk or to drink a beer ...
Good luck and all the best for you - yours Carsten

Carsten Dehner

Keiron says:
Dear Carsten

Your english is certainly better than my German!

I was delighted to get the 20% extra and also with the very friendly attitude of the band. I try to have that sort of relationship with all of my groups because I believe music should always be a positive experience regardless of the underlying emotional content of the score.

I also think that amongst musicians maybe no player or conductor is really a stranger as we all try to get the same good results.

I promise that we will share a beer next time; whether in Germany or England.

Thanks for your message,



16th April 2007

Just wondering if you have a recording of Dona Nobis Pacem? Been a discussion about finding one on the NSWO website. Also, this seems to be working fine now so ignore the email I sent last night!


Keiron says:
There is a recording of YWO playing Dona Nobis Pacem which is quite good. Recorded by Stuart Smith and produced by Brian Duguid. It is worth a listen.

Thanks for the memories...

14th April 2007

Hi Keiron

Happy memories of working with you in the Ilkley Music Centre Concert Band, the Ackworth School Music courses and the YWO. Good to read you are dedicated as ever.

Keep up the good work

Richard C

Richard Capenerhurst

Keiron says:
They were good times for me too. How are you Richard? Get that flute out!!

Greetings from Germany

2nd April 2007

Hello Keiron,
we Thanheimer make us on your attendance to our concert at the 6th May 2007, we samples that the concert mad experience becomes already strong already.

Many greetings from Thanheim in Germany
wishes Webmaster of the Windorchester Thanheim
Visit us at:

Andreas Beck

Keiron says:
I am looking forward to our concert because of the warm welcome that you all gave me 3 years ago.


NSWO concert

28th March 2007

Just wanted to say how much Dave and I enjoyed the concert on Saturday,
Danceries in particular was brilliant, in the middle of second clarinets
it felt like everyone around me had already decided it was going to be
something special before we\'d even played a note, I could sense the
concentration and determination right through the section and that was
brilliant. I think the proportion of committed players who have \"bought into\"
the ethos is much higher now and it shows. On Saturday it had to be close to
100%. Everyone was still buzzing about it on Sunday evening considering the
number of text messages that were flying about. I hope we get to play
Allerseelen again as well because although the performance was much better
than the rehearsals I don\'t feel like we\'ve had a chance to get into that one
Do we get to hear the recording, is there anyway of getting copies
No YWO tonight, boo, Lucy calls it Y-not-WO Monday!


Keiron says:
It is true that playing the music well brings a rollercoaster of enthusiasm to both players and audience. There is no limit to what such determination can produce in a like-minded group of musicians.

RSS Feeds

23rd March 2007

Hi K - visitors to your site can now subscribe to your articles using RSS feeds. What this basically means is that if they like to keep up-to-date with your lastest thoughts, they can be automatically informed when there\'s an update without having to keep checking your site every 5 minutes in case you\'ve written something new. Magic!


Keiron says:
You mean someone actually reads this stuff?

Great read

19th March 2007

Hi Keiron,

As ever your website makes for interesting reading. I\'m well aware that the Phoenix Band is nowhere near the standard of some of your other enterprises but as a player, I can assure you it is the highlight of my week and I always leave rehearsals on a high. My work takes me to London regularly and I have developed a large number of \'excuses\' to explain why I have to leave some dull meeting early every Thursday to catch a train back in time for rehearsals! I know you could work with the best and it is to your credit and our good fortune that you are prepared to give your time to bands of such a wide a range of musical abilities.

Just a quick thought on two band issues. Firstly, the \'on time\' starts to rehearsals (or lack of them). Why not just start at 19:30 on the dot, even if there is just you and Anne amd the cleaner? The problem is we now know the rehearsal won\'t get going until 19:50 which can result in people coming later to avoid hanging around. This pattern will probably continue until we eventually get going at 21:00. I think having to set up whilst others are playing will eventually shame the majority of us into getting there ready to start playing on time. Personally I would love an extra 20 minutes playing.

Also, whilst some of the \'yellow\' period pieces have been real gems, a lot of this type of music can be a bit rumpty, tumpty, tum (especially for us base players). Personally I have been hugely inspired by playing music such as Gallimaufray (sure I\'ve spelt that wrong), Cajun Dances, Baccus on Blue Ridge and Cartoon (and that other Roman one by Guy Woolfenden which goes into 6 flats in places although some of us never get beyond the first 4!). I\'ve never played that sort of music before joining this band and it gives such scope for most sections and takes you to a level beyond the traditional musicals and big band medleys. More please!!!

Great stuff,

(who plays one horn of the cow)

Hilary Pattison

Keiron says:
Hilary, I know the effort you go to to attend the rehearsals which is why, no matter how knackered I feel, I always try to give my best to the group. I was really pleased with the group last week and with the variety of music on offer. Keep making those excuses!

IGS Show

4th March 2007

Sounds like the IGS show was a complete success - you must be so proud of them all after you\'ve all put in so much effort. Congratulations!


Keiron says:
They did make it all worth while. Thanks Amanda!

Getting rid of a cold

4th March 2007

My Dad\'s remedy....
Mix two lemsips with a combination of whisky and a little hot water and plenty of honey. Drink, go straight to bed. He swears by it and made to the right strength it knocked Dave (who isn\'t really known as a whisky drinker) out for 12 hours, but he felt much better when he finally came round!! Just don\'t mention it to Lucy as if she\'s got her pharmacist head on she might tell you off.


Keiron says:
That does sound a little better than mayo!

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