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Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra


Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Saturday 22nd September 2018

Thornbury Clarinet Playday

Saturday 13th October 2018

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Keiron Anderson

Keiron Anderson was born in Aberdeen and studied trumpet and keyboard at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Whilst at the RNCM he started both a light orchestra and big band, and apart from playing in leading orchestras has become one of the most experienced and innovative conductors of wind groups in the country.

In 1994 Keiron took over from Frank Renton as musical director of the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra and has steadily brought it to its present level of excellence. He also includes the musical direction of the outstanding Harlequin Brass Ensemble based in Sheffield and more recently has taken the Phoenix Concert Band in Leeds under his wing. Later in this year he is to guest-conduct one of his own works with the National Saxophone Choir at the Edinburgh Festival.

Keiron is a firm believer in the accessibility of all the music played under his direction even though some of it may be unfamiliar to the audiences. He is a consummate all-round musician experienced as a teacher, being head of Music at Ilkley Grammar school, musical director, performer, adjudicator and composer. All his efforts with his students, ensembles and audiences go to, in his own words "... no matter what else we do, we must get to the emotional content of the music and bring it to life for the audience ..."

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